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A watertight form of contract

According to some information issued by the German Consumer’s Association (AgV – www.agv.de), illicit clauses in building contracts are not the exception, but the rule. The Consumer Protection Association in Berlin carried out an investigation into the so-called standard form for building contracts in the building industry in 1998. They discovered that these forms were in part and without exception, substantially violating the statutory regulations.

The vendor exploits the inexperience of home builders. As the private builder only builds a house once in a lifetime, he hardly has a chance to recognize any illicit clauses in forms of contract.

Naturally, one has little time for dealing with this red tape. However:
The contract formulation is a very important aspect in the awarding of contracts.
We inform you on the most important rules of the game and above all on why the Contract Procedures for Building Works (VOB) has significance for you and when you should be better off deviating from them.

And, when you do not have time for it:

Having us as a partner in the building project, you have a partner who will deal with such matters on your behalf.

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