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Our Team

Wildfang Architects and Engineers have acquired their knowledge and competence over some 12 years. We have carried out various functions encompassing all that has to do with building for both large and medium-sized enterprises. Thus, we are able to offer a building service for the clients of today. We have invested the experience in our own managerial responsibility and this has been benefiting our clients for the last 9 years.

The experience that we have as planners, project managers and consultants carries just as much weight as that of the employing of planners, subcontractors and controllers working on large-scale projects and involving main contractors.
This is how we were able to form a partnership team of 20 engineers, as planners and subcontractors, who together with Wildfang Architects & Engineers are able to solve all problems that span the construction of buildings.

Unsere umfangreiche Serviceleistung steht Ihnen rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung.

Our extensive range of services are at your disposal around the clock.

• private and business properties
• building contractors, investors and craftsmen
• a detached house, through to a hotel or an industrial unit

Wildfang Architects and Engineers | Your competent provider in the building and construction industry  
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