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As the client, it is a balancing act for you to decide whether to go for a new building or for a complete renovation instead . You should in doing so, take into consideration that an old building deserves respect. It is often full of qualities that you would not suspect. This relates to its technology, economics and design. One can frequently make savings, even money on it, through co-usage of the property.

We advise you in weighing up the interests between preserving old values that are proven and that of a new conception built from the ground upwards and its subsequent realization.

If it is economically justifiable, we always recommend renovating.

Old buildings often have coherent advantages such as location, atmosphere, building quality and a preservation order. Traditional spacious room layouts and their heights offer the possibility for individual design, which could not be realized for the same costs in new buildings today. There are many reasons for renovating an old building instead of building new, from both the viewpoint of the private client as well as that of the investor.

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