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Site Management

Supervising means, the implementation of the property in accordance with the building permission, the implementation of plans and service specifications, as well as with the generally recognized state-of-the-art technology and the relevant regulations.

For us, this means in detail

• Coordination of professional parties involved in the supervision of the property

• Establishing and controlling a time schedule

• A joint bill of quantities with the successful contractors

• Inspection of the construction works in collaboration with other professional

parties involved in the planning and building supervision with the regard to the

identification of deficiencies

• Auditing

• Application for official inspection and participation in it

• Transfer of the property inclusive of the compilation and handover of the

necessary documents such as operating instructions, inspection certificates,

and maintenance plans

• List of warranty periods

• Supervising the elimination of deficiencies discovered during the inspection of

the building works

• Cost controlling by checking the contractors’ invoices for services rendered

and comparing these with the contract prices and the cost estimate.

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