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Financing for example

Consumer protection in Germany is said to be written in capital letters.

The price regulation binds a creditor granting a loan to give information on the effective interest rate in addition to the often, for advertising purposes, presented nominal interest rate.

Did you know that in doing so, only 18 factors need to be obligatory revealed?

Did you know for example that any necessary expert costs, account-carrying charges, commitment interests and much more, do not have to be included in this? However, these figures have a decisive influence on the efficiency of your interest rate.

Did you know that by other insignificant rates of interest in financing, e.g. 4.75 instead of 4.85, one can save thousands of euros.

Do you believe that mortgage banks, savings banks, building societies and life insurance companies have as their major aim, that of you realizing your dream of owning your own home?

Or do you think that they want to sell you something in the interest of their own lawful business? Namely money?

If you are not a born financing genius, an independent consultancy is a must.

• We do not have any agreement with moneylenders
• We also do not arrange any financing
• However, due to our experience, we can assist our clients to find their way through the money jungle
• We advise our clients in order to protect them from undesirable surprises.

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