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There are a few topics on building that you should know beforehand

We discuss with you in advance about
Building from A to Z

Here, we would like to inform you about the essential trades involved in building, on the scheduled phases and of which special features one has to pay attention to. We wish to pass on to you at the same time, the basic knowledge in the fields of

Structural Shell

• excavation work
• brickwork
• concrete and steel construction
• carpentry and woodwork
• sealing work
• and much more


• concrete block work
• floor covering work
• roofing and roof sealing work
• floor screeding work
• tiling and slabbing work
• cladding work
• metal construction
• painting and varnishing work
• wallpapering
• joinery work
• parquet flooring work
• and a great deal more

Building Services

• energy costs, demand analyses, building characteristics and thermal insulation
• lightning protection installations
• heating, ventilation, sanitary and air conditioning technics
• and a lot more

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