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Acceptance of Work

And finally, we jointly carry out a building inspection.

In accepting the work on your property, you declare that your contractor has carried out the task to your satisfaction. When you later have something to find fault with, then you do not hold many trump cards.

Therefore, you should be absolutely aware of what you legally initiated with your acceptance.

One is definitely not allowed to refuse acceptance due to insignificant defects. However,:

• Who tells you, whether a deficiency is “insignificant” or not?
• What do you do when a “completion certificate” from the contractor flutters through your letter-box, thus causing you concern that in a dispute you will have to pay for an expert?
• Do you know how much costs you can retain as indemnity, when you are being forced into having an inpection carried out?
• Did you know that the inspection is considered as effective after 6 working days following the date you occupy your property?

We give you comprehensive information related to this

And, if you do not have time to do it yourself:

Having us as a partner in the building project, you have a partner who will deal with such matters on your behalf.

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